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Asked Questions

You need to perform quality control to ensure that the products your supplier is manufacturing adhere to specified requirements and standards. With a quality inspection you will minimize risk, save money and time, protect your brand, and have visibility into your supplier practices.

We cover consumer products across different product categories, including:
- Textile & Apparels: fashion clothing, athleisure, bags, shoes
- Home Goods: indoor furniture, outdoor furniture, sanitary wares, decoration items
- Electronic Products: laptops, cameras, speakers, headphones
- Toys & Gifts: children toys, pet toys, season gifts, gift wrappings
If your product is not listed above, don't worry, you can always go to our booking page and select from a detailed full list.

We cover major manufacturing hubs globally. Explore our coverage page for more details.

eAQF is a pioneer of a purely digital quality management solution marketplace. We’ve streamlined the process of booking an inspection, audit, or lab service. In addition, we are continually focused on improving time-to-market. This important aspect of quality management and control is vital to the success of any global business, with shorter times between the creation of an idea and the final product being shipped to its point-of-sale, the gold standard amongst successful businesses. We utilize a robust technology system to provide convenient, flexible, and timely supply chain solutions to our clients, which include small businesses, importers, large retailers, and more.

The steps are simple:
1. Click on the Account icon on the upper right
2. Enter your email and basic information
3. Go to your mailbox to verify your account
4. You are successfully registered!

There are different quality control solutions suitable for different manufacturing stages.
If you want to ensure the quality of your products:
- Verify the raw materials and manufacturing facilities before the production starts: Pre-Production Inspection
- Have more control on the production line and correct any defect at early stage: During-Production Inspection
- Make sure the finished products are in right quantity and good quality: Pre-Shipment Inspection
- Make sure the goods are loaded to container in good condition with the right documentations: Container Loading Supervision

We quote per Man-Day (MD) and our standard price is $298 USD per MD.

When the factory is located in distant areas, we will charge an additional traveling fee to send our team to your designated location.
We will reach out for your confirmation if any traveling fee applies.

It's a straight-forward process even you are new to quality control industry:
- Open the booking page and select your product type
- Select your total quantity and AQL level you prefer, and we will automatically calculate the sample size for you
- Select your factory location
- Choose the date you want to conduct the service
- It's done!

AQL is short for Acceptable Quality Level, and it’s an essential a sampling methodology for quality inspections. Navigate to our AQL page for more insights.

You can view the status of your bookings directly on your dashboard. After you place a booking, your booking status will be updated to ‘Booking Received’ on your dashboard. Once confirmed, it will automatically update to ‘Booking Confirmed’.

You can go to your dashboard, click on the booking you want to change or cancel, and click ‘Need Help?’ and our team will support you.

Please make sure to make your change or cancel the booking at least 1 full working day before the service date. Otherwise, $100 USD/MD will be charged as a late cancellation fee.

Different types of inspection have different focuses. And the checkpoints also vary per different product types. But generally, an inspection will conduct:
- Overall workmanship check
- Quantity check
- Labeling and packaging check
- Data measurement
- On-site tests

You can pay with major credit cards including VISA, Mastercard, Amex, and Discover.

Our reports are very detailed, illustrated with pictures and cover the following:
- Product appearance (AQL), workmanship quality
- Product specifications review: quantity, material, color, size, measurements, labeling & marking, packaging, packing, accessories, shipping marks etc.
- On site testing and special checks.
- Important remarks and professional feedback.

You will receive your detailed report within 2 working days.

Please don’t worry. A FAIL result doesn’t mean your supplier is bad or your whole batch of products are ruined. It just means your supplier or product has failed to meet all the checkpoints or AQL standards.
After receiving a FAIL result, you can follow the below points to secure your supply chain:
- Identify the issue per the report and communicate with your supplier
- Work with your supplier on a Corrective Action Plan
- Conduct a re-audit or re-inspection to make sure the problem is solved
After all, you will decide if you will work with this supplier or accept these products.