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Pre-Production Inspection (PPI)

Pre-Production Inspection (PPI) is a quality control method conducted in the factory before the mass production begins. It will verify the status and quantity of raw material, assess the tools and production facility, and check the readiness of your supplier to proceed your order. It could be especially beneficial when working with a new supplier or starting a large contract with critical delivery date. Read more below.

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General Details

Pre-Production Inspection (PPI) Services for Global Sellers

eAQF's network of experts offers quality management and pre-production inspection services to thousands of brands worldwide.

We Stand Guard Over Product Quality

The production pressures keeping you up at night boil down to one root cause: a lack of visibility into what's happening. You've lost enough sleep playing out worst-case scenarios of production gone wrong. That's where we come in. We'll be your eyes and ears on the ground, overseeing production so you don't have to lose sleep.

  • Equipment tests to ensure optimal precision levels
  • Checks for unauthorized material changes
  • Skill development checks for assembly teams
  • Rigorous inspection protocols for product excellence
  • Pre-delivery problem-solving to ensure customer satisfaction

Our trusted network of global experts will oversee the entire process, right from the initial production check.

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Gain 24/7 Assurance With Our On-Site Guardians

Think of our pre-production inspectors as the guardians who hover over your factory day and night.

Like a protective bubble shielding manufacturing from defects, our inspectors spot risks in their infancy when they're still easily corrected. We'll walk the floor, confirming that equipment, raw materials, processes, and personnel all meet specifications down to the thousandth decimal.

When inevitable issues arise, we catch them quickly so that corrections happen before volume production begins. No more panicked reworking or shipping delays.

Complete Oversight

Our pre-production inspection services offer complete insight, including:

Raw Materials

We validate certificates to prevent sub-spec grades, examine composition for uniformity, and screen critical properties to ensure performance meets the required standards.

Parts and Components

We thoroughly vet suppliers, review certification specs, and test mission-critical functionality to avoid problems when production begins.


We assess equipment calibration, examine capability studies, validate maintenance, and check to ensure that the facility is suitable for achieving your level of process precision.

Quality Control

We review inspection protocols internally, ensuring that the correct procedures are all in place. Our checks will monitor the factory production sample to ensure it matches the client approved sample.

Gauges and Fixtures

We assess calibration seals, examine wear, measure against masters with known accuracy, and check suitability for your tolerance needs.

Facility and Organization

We evaluate the workspace, lighting, air quality, safety, maintenance, and tooling organization. We assess personnel qualifications to ensure they're appropriate. We also check storage and material handling.

Deliver Clarity on Risk Impacts

From multiple checkpoints, we spotlight the make-or-break ones for your situation. Using our decades of manufacturing expertise, we translate pre-production technical findings into plain insights.

We identify glitches that could impair functionality or affect per-unit costs. Our experts equip you to make knowledgeable choices on risk trade-offs, working solutions, or changing courses prior to mass production.

Rapid Remediation

Discoveries alone don't suffice. Through our local connections on-site, we can escalate issues directly to decision-makers who can then remedy them. Consider us your insurance to diagnose and resolve threats to your manufacturing process swiftly.

Launch Your Product With Confidence

With eAQF, you can press 'go' on production. No more stress as your product takes shape, shrouded in uncertainty. Get 24/7 visibility and quality defense with our inspectors safeguarding the integrity of your product.

Comprehensive On-Site Assessments

When you engage us for pre-production inspections, our experts provide total visibility, from raw materials to final pre-production quality checks. We work across all of these areas:

Raw Material and Parts Status

We inspect raw materials and every component feeding the line to check that they are correct and meet the required specifications. We also assess protective handling and validation to ensure they match your grade.

Customer Special Checkpoints

We conduct rigorous testing of all customer requests, including components, facilities, and specific equipment. We also check that equipment and gauges are monitored for proper calibration, and that the facilities maintenance and capability ranges suit your tolerance needs.

Process Reviews

We thoroughly vet the methods to confirm they meet your most stringent product specifications and uphold blueprint requirements at each station.

Supply Chain Management

For multi-tier supply chains, we can trace components back to their originating sites and then down through intermediaries to identify vulnerabilities that can remain hidden if they are only assessed in the final assembly factory.

Production Readiness

We check the manufacturing facility to ensure that the layout is suitable to manufacture your order. We also examine equipment calibrations and procedures, testing environmental controls, technician competencies, and traceability practices.

Production Sample Validation

We examine production samples under diverse customer usage patterns across user environments and duty cycles.

Key Material and Package Verification

We check that cartons, pallets, inserts, and packaging components meet QC needs for being recyclable, water-resistant, and tamper-proof. We also check that they comply with destination requirements for barcodes and labeling.

Booking Our Pre-Production Inspection Services

Booking our PPI services is fast and easy. Just fill out the details in our user-friendly online booking form. Here's how it works:


Production Details

First, select the request date using our convenient calendar pop-up. Next, select the appropriate production status
from the respective drop-down fields, and specify the destination country. Then add the category and subcategory for the product type.
Now, enter the purchase order number that your company assigns, along with the product reference and description.


Choose Your AQL Level

Select the desired AQL level. If you are unsure which level you require, you can use our handy online AQL calculator to assist.
Add the critical major and minor defects for inspection.


Reports and Samples

Let us know if you require individual or batch reports and if any samples will need to be collected during the inspection.
Same-day reports are available but will incur an additional fee.


Supplier and Factory Details

Enter the supplier's full contact information and provide all the factory details.


Special Requests and Documentation

If you have any special requests, include them in the comments section. You can also upload any relevant documentation.


Your Instant Quote

Our system will provide you with an instant quote.
This allows you to confirm that everything is in order before you continue to the payment page.

Video guide: How it works?

eAQF Will Help You Meet Customer Expectations

Our meticulous pre-production inspection (PPI) process will bring your business multiple benefits: catch the defects before the manufacturing runs, save time by establishing a golden production sample, and reduce any reworking expense with the right material and equipment. Book a pre-production inspection with eAQF today and ensure you meet customer expectations.

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