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Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) Inspection

Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) Inspection is a customized service that serves Amazon third-party sellers who use Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA). It will verify that your product labels, packaging, and other requirements are all up to Amazon's strict FBA standards, and can arrive at Amazon’s fulfillment centers without being rejected. It helps to safeguard your online sales and gain positive customer reviews. Read more below.

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General Details

Guarantee the Quality of Your Products With FBA Inspection

eAQF's Amazon FBA Inspection Services will ensure your products meet Amazon's stringent requirements for labeling, packaging, and more.

FBA Inspection Specialists

Our team of experienced FBA specialists offers an affordable and reliable solution to Amazon FBA sellers. Through meticulous global on-site inspections, we ensure your products consistently meet Amazon's rigorous requirements before attempting to send stock to fulfillment centers.

With processes guaranteed to steer clear of violations, you can leverage FBA's sales potential, confident that minor issues won't suddenly suspend your business indefinitely.

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Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA)

The Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) program enables you to leverage Amazon's mammoth warehousing and delivery infrastructure to boost sales significantly. But with this opportunity comes risk. Just one labeling error, incorrectly sized box, or some other seemingly minor FBA violation can result in your inventory being rejected, severe fines, or even suspension. This could cost you thousands in lost revenue and tank your seller rating overnight.

FBA Standards Overview and Labeling Policies

Amazon mandates meticulously compiled product information on item labels to enable their high-speed automated processes to function. Their key requirements include:

  • FNSKU codes assigned to each unique product variant
  • Scannable UPC barcodes meeting precise size, placement and print quality rules
  • Adherence to strict label dimensions and material specs
  • Product information like title, quantity, and dimensions
  • Expiration and manufacturing dates, as applicable
  • Legible, smudge-proof label copy with specific font sizes

Our detailed inspection process examines your products against Amazon's list of labeling requirements, identifying any areas of non-compliance for correction by your suppliers well before shipment.

Packaging Specifications

Products sent to FBA must be prepped to withstand their rigorous automated handling, The specifications include:

  • Undamaged shipping containers
  • Minimum box dimensions by product type
  • Max gross weight limits not exceeded
  • Interior divides and wraps to protect each unit

We thoroughly examine your products' packaging to identify potential failure points or other ways that boxes, pallets, or containers may fail to meet standards. By making adjustments early on in the process, we guarantee that your products will arrive safely.

Quality Expectations

Amazon expects all inventory to meet strict specifications, like:

  • New products only - no customer returns
  • No evidence of opened or repackaged units
  • Consistent sizes, weights and other attributes
  • Items clean and free of any damages or markings

Prohibited Practices

Amazon's FBA program strictly prohibits certain practices that can result in immediate suspension:

  • Including any hazardous, illegal or restricted goods
  • False or inaccurate labeling or documentation
  • Failing to meet country of origin regulations
  • Using certain prep materials like styrofoam beads
  • Counterfeit production or trademark infringement

Our hands-on FBA inspection process vets all aspects of your products, from materials and packaging to documentation, identifying any specification gaps or prohibited practices so they can be resolved immediately.

Our Product Inspection Process

Our team benefits from many years of experience ensuring products meet rigid retail compliance requirements across big box stores, specialty retailers, online marketplaces, and other channels. We implement proven inspection protocols that have been refined over thousands of factory visits.

Our quality control specialists safeguard your product quality on your behalf:

  • Field experts located in major manufacturing locations in China and Asia
  • Experiences across multiple consumer product industries, including apparel, electronics, appliances, furniture, kitchenware, toys, and more
  • Constantly trained with latest industry standards

With this considerable expertise, we examine every detail of your products against FBA's long list of standards via methodical, consistent on-site processes that guarantee fully compliant inventory.

Comprehensive On-Site Inspections

Our inspections start right at your suppliers' facilities, examining:

Product Samples

We thoroughly vet samples of each item for:

  • Quality consistency across units
  • Label, packaging and prep accuracy
  • Specification issues like sizing variation
  • Any damages, flaws, or concerns

Custom FBA Inspection Checklists

While the FBA Prep Services team uses a standardized inspection framework aligned with Amazon's published requirements as outlined, we tailor processes to your specific needs.

Highly detailed inspection checklists are customized to your:

  • Product categories like grocery, apparel, and electronics
  • Launch regions such as North America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific
  • Specific FBA prep centers the goods ship to

We align every step of our framework around your business requirements to guarantee compliant, optimized processes for your Amazon FBA sales.

Identify Gaps Early

Should any gaps surface between your product's current state and FBA standards, identifying issues early is crucial. Our extensive experience overcoming common shortfalls that threaten FBA compliance ensures you avoid negative surprises or consequences down the line. Consider our inspection services like vital insurance, giving you the utmost confidence in your Amazon supply chain.

Avoiding Rejection and Penalties

Failure to meet Amazon's FBA policies can devastate a seller's business:

  • Products rejected
  • Revenue halted
  • Prime status revoked
  • Listings removed
  • Seller account suspended (sometimes permanently)

We've seen it happen repeatedly to those who are falsely confident that their standard processes will suffice under Amazon's rigorous requirements. Amazon's own data shows that significant percentages of inventory ultimately get rejected from their fulfillment centers. With Amazon FBA inspection from eAQF, hundreds of data points are inspected per product, because it takes only one oversight to prompt rejection.

Common FBA Prep Violations

While Amazon provides preparatory guidelines, only precise hands-on experience confirms that production truly adheres to specifications. Across thousands of inspections, we commonly encounter oversights, including:


  • Box dimensions exceed thresholds
  • No inner dividers protecting items
  • Labels placed incorrectly

Prep Materials

  • Prohibited void filling used
  • Improper palletization pattern
  • Inadequate stretch wrapping

Labeling Issues

  • Missing barcodes or scannable codes
  • Incorrect label sizes and materials
  • Light or smeared poor print quality

Quality and Compliance

  • Customer returns mixed with new goods
  • Hazardous products like lithium batteries
  • Counterfeit production or IP theft

Even sporadic issues like these can lead to immediate shipment refusal, not to mention long-term seller account jeopardy.

Protect Your Brand's Reputation

Once flawless metrics, like Order Defect Rate or On-Time Delivery, can suffer greatly if your products don't meet Amazon's robust requirements, which could affect your seller rating and any likelihood of winning Buy Box status. Customer loyalty may be negatively impacted in the interim, and new prospects might begin to question the brand's credibility.

Don't risk your business when eAQF can guarantee properly vetted processes beforehand.

Guaranteed FBA Approval

By leveraging eAQF's professional FBA prep inspection services upfront, sellers are guaranteed that:

  • Packaging, labeling, and documentation uniformly meet the latest Amazon mandates across your product portfolio
  • Quality levels withstand the most stringent criteria checking for damaged, inconsistent or compromised inventory
  • Preparation processes align with region-specific inbound routing facility needs, avoiding easily overlooked discrepancies even between U.S. arrival points
  • Overall production ecosystem transparency helps mandate supplier accountability should any post-audit issues emerge once live inventory ships

The entire selling journey becomes seamless with the certified assurance that your products meet - and often exceed - FBA stipulations long before shipping. This allows you to avoid needless guessing games, arbitrary rejection threats, and countless hours of troubleshooting oversights. Our professional validation services remove these doubts so you can execute selling with FBA confidently.

Robust Protocols Tailored to Your Processes

Without ongoing oversight, manufacturers might tend to cut corners and this could threaten product quality. We completely change this dynamic with our collaborative approach, which puts in place stringent, accountable protocols tailored to your production processes.

Accountability Structures

Our inspectors work to consistent quality frameworks resembling those utilized by top retail channels. Staff assume clear responsibility for investigating issues, correcting them, and preventing recurrence. A sound foundation for layering in elevated Amazon requirements emerges.

Staff Collaboration

Too often, manufacturers lack any real awareness of just how stringent Amazon's FBA requirements are. While on site during the inspection process, our inspectors can help to raise awareness on the ideal procedures for maximizing quality and compliance. This covers more than just what details matter and offers genuine insight into how adhering to specifics can prevent catastrophic issues down the line.

Unified Responsiveness

Together, we forge supply chain transparency against agreed-upon KPIs. This unified posture prepares products for smooth FBA channels while strengthening business partnerships for the long haul.

Essential Quality Services

While ensuring your products meet Amazon's many stipulations makes approving FBA prep our primary aim, we can also provide some additional quality control and compliance services that benefit e-commerce businesses.

Throughout On-Site Testing and Photographic Evidence

To complement visual inspections, we offer more empirical product quality assurance through:

Dimensional Verification

Precise measurement across representative samples identifies size, weight, and other variability.

Detailed Defect Photos

Detailed issue documentation provides sellers with the information they need in supplier negotiations.

Verify Supplier in Advance With Supplier Auditing

In addition to FBA inspection, and particularly for imported goods produced overseas, you may want to consider evaluating your supplier's capability before working with them. A supplier audit can help you have more control to you supply chain. Major check points of a supplier audit include:

  • Child and forced labor risks
  • Working hour and wage abuses
  • Discrimination or harassment
  • Health and safety exposures

Certified social audits can ensure ethical sourcing, as this is a growing imperative across many online marketplaces. Additionally, you may also consider an environmental audit to evaluate your supplier's environmental stewardship.

Sell on Amazon With Complete Confidence

Our years of navigating FBA nuances mean there is no uncertainty with requirements that hamper your plans. Our meticulous inspection services allow you to leverage the most prolific e-commerce channel, knowing that even the slightest packaging, documentation, or quality gaps are addressed through our inspection process.

Booking Our FBA Inspection Service

Booking our FBA inspection services is simple and quick. Here's how it works:


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Specify the destination country and product details. Then, enter the PO information, along with the unit and quantity.


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If you have any special requests, please include them in the comments section. You can also upload any relevant documents.


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Amazon's market is full of potential, but it's also full of challenges. For FBA sellers, any incompliance with FBA regulations can put the store at risk. Let eAQF be your strong partner to ensure your FBA compliance, and bring success to your online business.

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