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Social Audit (SA)

A Social Audit (SA) is an evaluation process that assesses a manufacturer's commitment to maintaining a safe and ethical workplace while complying with local labor laws and international social standards. Working with eAQF, our trained and accredited auditors will observe, interview, and analyze data to obtain a clear insight into the factory’s current social compliance. It helps to enhance your social responsibility and avoid non-compliance. Read more below.

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Enhance Your Supply Chain Integrity with eAQF's Social Audit

Ensure Ethical Compliance and Workplace Standards for Your Business and Value Chain with a Social Audit.

Ensure Compliant With a Social Audit

We live in an interconnected global economy. The ethical and social standards of your supply chain are critical to the growth of your business. There has been a surge in consumer awareness and demand for ethical business practices. Partnering with suppliers that uphold these values is paramount. eAQF's Social Audit Service offers a comprehensive solution.

We provide insights into your supplier's adherence to labor laws, local health and safety standards, and more checkpoints under SA8000 standards. eAQF's trained and accredited auditors will visit your vendor’s factory to assess working conditions and gather insights of the factory's actual social performance. Each social audit is unique, comprises over 100 checkpoints and can cater to your specific requirements of your industry. The checkpoints include:

  • Child labor & Forced labor
  • Factory working conditions
  • Working hours & wages
  • Freedom of association and collective bargaining
  • Disciplinary practices and discrimination
  • The ethical practices of your suppliers

When you choose eAQF's Social Audit, you're aligning with a movement towards a more socially responsible world. eAQF empowers you to make informed decisions. We ensure that your supply chain reflects your brand's values and commitment to social integrity.

The Benefits of a Social Audit for Your Business

The Social Audit brings a suite of benefits to enhance your business's ethical footprint in the global marketplace. Firstly, it safeguards the regulation compliance to the terms of your destination markets. For example, according to the Tariff Act of 1930, products made by forced labor are prohibited from entering the United States. Also, using workers under the age of 14 will be considered using child labor, which is against the SA8000 standards. A Social Audit rigorously evaluates your suppliers against international labor and ethical standards. This service helps you ensure compliance and safeguard your brand's integrity.

Another key benefit is the enhancement of your brand's reputation. We're in an era where corporate social responsibility is not just appreciated but expected. It demonstrates a proactive stance on social and ethical issues, which can elevate your brand's image. This audit acts as a testament to your commitment to high standards of social responsibility. You'll also foster trust and loyalty among customers.

The audit also serves as a tool for supplier development. By highlighting areas of improvement, it helps suppliers enhance their practices. It leads to a more reliable and ethically sound supply chain. This not only improves the quality and reliability of your products but also fosters long-term, sustainable relationships with your suppliers.

What You Get By Booking A Social Audit

The Social Audit Service by eAQF encompasses a thorough examination of various aspects:

  • Ethical Labor Practices: Evaluation of child labor laws, forced labor prevention, and fair wages
  • Health and Safety: Assessment of workplace safety measures and emergency procedures
  • Wages and Payroll: Review of the workers' salary level and regularity
  • Working condition: Assessment of working hours, working environment, and freedom of association and right to bargain
  • Management Systems: Review of administrative practices and employee grievance mechanisms
  • Client-Specific Requirements: Extra checks on tailored to your specific industry and compliance requirements

This 360-degree audit helps to ensure compliance and promotes a culture of ethical responsibility and sustainability within your supply chain.

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The Social Audit Process

The Social Audit process at eAQF is streamlined for efficiency and effectiveness. You can get instant quote, book a service within 48 hours, and receive your comprehensive audit report within 2 working days after the audit:

Step 1: Place Booking and Get Instant Quote

You can book a social audit by completing the form at the top of this page. You will need to include the following information:

  • Your expected service date
  • Your supplier contact information
  • The location of the factory

You can also tell eAQF your special requirements by uploading a file as an attachment. Then you will get an instant quote after filling in the above information. Once you proceed with the payment, we will contact your supplier to confirm the feasibility and prepare our auditor to conduct your service.

Step 2: On-Site Evaluation

The on-site evaluation is a pivotal part of the audit, conducted by our team of accredited auditors. These experts are trained to assess all aspects of social compliance meticulously. During this visit, auditors examine the physical conditions of the workplace. They also review safety protocols and assess compliance with local and international labor laws.

Step 3: We Conduct Interviews

To gain a well-rounded understanding of the supplier's operations, our auditors conduct employee interviews. Employee interviews are conducted confidentially. This gathers honest feedback about working conditions, labor practices, and workplace safety.

Step 4: Report Generation

Following the on-site evaluation, our team compiles a detailed audit report. This report includes:

  • Findings on compliance with social standards
  • Identification of any areas of concern
  • An evaluation of the overall ethical practices of the supplier

This document serves as a valuable tool for decision-making and planning future actions, providing a clear roadmap for enhancing social compliance and ethical practices.

Our Service Guarantee

At eAQF, our social compliance audit for factories comes with a steadfast guarantee. It underscores our commitment to delivering excellence and reliability. We guarantee accurate and reliable audits, conducted by our team of experienced and globally accredited auditors. Our auditors have rich experience across multiple manufacturing countries and have a deep understanding of social compliance regulations. Their expertise ensures that every aspect of social compliance is thoroughly examined. This offers a true reflection of your supplier's ethical practices.

Furthermore, we uphold the highest standards of confidentiality and integrity. Your data and the results of the audit are handled with utmost security. This ensures the process is transparent while respecting the confidentiality of all parties. We look forward to being a partner in your journey towards a more ethical and responsible business model.

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Don't let social compliance be an afterthought. Ensure the ethical integrity of your supply chain today with eAQF's Social Audit Service. Secure your brand's reputation and contribute to a more responsible business world by booking an audit today!

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